10th Place Finish in Points for the 2019 Season

With the last point race in the books for Kyles home track Lebanon Valley, we managed to still walk away with a 10 place finish.  Ideally we had hopes for a top 5 finish but with the awful accident we had a few weeks ago, on a double feature night, it made it pretty much impossible.

Not only did the accident hurt our shot at a better finish but it has created a bit of change in Kyle’s post season lineup after the Valley. Although the team is still overall happy on finishing in the top 10 in points, with all things considering, Kyle was previously planning on racing the rest of the races at Albany Saratoga, some races at Fonda and was going to take on Eastern States weekend again at Orange Country Speedway. With already being down 1 car, Kyle is going to focus on getting a new primary car together for next season and not jeopardize something happening to his backup car.

This upcoming weekend will be the 11a’s last race of the season.  Kyle will be running in the Mr. Dirt 100 lap race at Lebanon Valley for a chance to win $25,500.  Everyone cross your fingers and hope Kyle can pull it off in this Saturdays race along with some of the best. ??That prize money would be huge for the team and would help them get back on track for the 2020 season. Not to mention —–> how awesome it would be to win our first dirt sanctioned race.?

See you at the track Saturday!?

-Armstrong Racing

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