The Worst Wreck in Armstrong Racing History

                July 27th was by far the worst day the Armstrong crew has seen since Kyle has started driving back when he was 7 years old.  The crew was already on edge to get the car ready for the busy night they had ahead of them for double features.  As Kyle took the green in the first feature, we all thought we were going to have a good run as he was making his way through mid-pack.  Then on lap 10, Kyle’s throttle hung up as he went into turn 3 and 4, sending his car hard into the wall at 100+ mph and causing it to flip.  As soon as the car landed up right on the track, the car did briefly catch fire but Kyle was able to get out of the car under his own power. Clearly, shaken up Kyle was examined by the EMTs and brought back to his trailer.  While in the ambulance, Kyle even joked that he was ok, and he was going to pull out the backup car. As Kyle got back to the trailer and his adrenaline wore off, it become a lot clearer on how hard of an impact that truly was and he started feeling the pain.  Kyle did decide he wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out and make sure that he didn’t do any damage to anything. 

After a few hours at the hospital and a few scans later, Kyle received the news that everything looked good and nothing was broken. As the update was sent out through text, the sudden feeling of relieve took over all of the Armstrong Team who were waiting patiently at the track campsite to get the news.

Kyle took one day off to rest and got right back in the grove of things. Started the week off by looking over the mangled car to see what was salvageable, which turns out to be exactly what it looks like, nothing. We are hoping once our motor builder takes a look at the motor we can at least salvage that and not need a whole new motor. The backup car was completely looked over and sat ready for Kyle when he felt up to strapping back in.

Mid-week, Kyle realized he was still in the top 10 in points (currently sitting at 10th).  At that time, it was decided he had to go for it.  Even though he is still sore and gets a stiff neck/back the longer he does things, he could not sit out another week and miss the chance for a top 10 finish for the season.

Kyle finished off the weekend with a 5th place finish in the feature! Truly a blessing and exactly what the team needed after everyone emotions were still running high from the previous week.

Kyle would like to thank his crew, all the other drivers/crews who checked in and helped, the safety/track crews, the EMTs, all of our friends, family and fans that all reached out with their well wishes. He is truly thankful and blessed his safety equipment and chassis did what it was supposed to do during impact and absorbed a lot of the damage as this hit could have been a lot worse. Although it is disappointing his brand new Bicknell car is ruined, he is extremely touched to see the amount of love and the overwhelming support from the entire racing community. It truly is an amazing feeling to know there is a so much love and support behind you.

There are 4 more races to go… you think Kyle can make a win happen? That is what he’s going for. Make sure you’re at the track to get in our victory lane shot.??

-Armstrong Racing

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