Mid-Season Review 2019

The Armstrong crew have made some big changes this year, which had us going back to basics. Since Kyle has been in the Modified class, he has always had a Teo Pro Car. Over this past winter, Kyle made the decision to move over to a Bicknell chassis for his primary car. During practice in the beginning of the year, Kyle learned that it handles completely different than what he is used to. Kyle and the crew have been working on figuring out what works best for this car, which has thrown in a little bit of a learning curve into the mix. But that does not change the fact that Kyle and team are so glad they made the switch. The car has been fast all year! Majority of the nights have ended with the 11a finishing in the top 10. However, we have had more nights than we would like, where our luck just wasn’t as good. We are very optimistic though that the 11a will see those checkered flags soon.

Coming up in the month of July & August, not only will we be racing at Lebanon Valley weekly on Saturdays, but we plan on racing at Albany Saratoga (Malta) during the 4th of July weekend and possibly the 100th Anniversary Weekend at Orange County Speedway (Middletown) which is August 15 – 18.

For anyone who makes it to Lebanon Valley feel free to stop down at the trailer at the end of the night. We recently got in some pins, stickers and pictures that Kyle can sign for your little ones!

We hope to see you all at the track! ?

– Armstrong Racing

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